Hicon 2021, a new edition of the Hospitality Innovation Conference


On 2 December 2021, Hicon returns. The Hospitality Innovation Conference reaches its fourth edition and arrives in Emilia Romagna, in the new location of Dumbo Bologna, with an exceptional partnership with Bologna Welcome.

Hicon is the only Italian event entirely dedicated to tourism innovation and technology, from destinations to hospitality, with experts and international personalities bringing and illustrating a vision of the near future of travel, often as protagonists of the evolutions underway.

The event was born and grew year after year, thanks to the partnership between Teamwork and The Data Appeal Company.

Hicon 2021

The expectations and needs of tourists constantly change, with the change of our lifestyle, more and more linked to technology and its evolutions and according to the new global macro-trends.

This makes the travel industry extremely competitive and tends to cut out those left behind; businesses and organizations need to keep track of the latest trends and keep up with the times.

On 2 December, we will therefore analyze the latest technological trends: from the Internet of things to augmented reality, up to wearable and recognition technology and many other innovations that citizens will very soon take for granted, expecting to find them in any destination or accommodation, like at home.

We will also discuss with the DMOs and marketing managers of international tourist destinations to understand their new data-driven development strategies and how they are refining markets, transforming projects, and improving investments.

We will talk in-depth about sustainability, between environment, economy, socio-cultural, and development needs. This is not simply a right and urgent issue for our sector, but one of the main elements of the new concept of luxury.

There will obviously also be an in-depth analysis of the latest megatrends in international tourism.

Hicon 2021, speaker preview

A small preview on the guests of Hicon 2021: we will welcome on our stage Stephen Cluskey, CEO of Mobility Mojo While waiting to attend to his live speech, I recommend looking at their website and the projects illustrated in their case studies.

I also recommend watching their inspirational video.

The ticket for this fourth hybrid edition is already on sale, with the Super Early Bird promotion, which includes access to the conference both in presence at the Dumbo Space in Bologna and online.

Meanwhile, you can also watch Hicon 2020: 24 hours of speeches and training and 70 international speakers.

Silvia Moggia

Italo-argentina cresciuta alle Cinque Terre, laureata in Conservazione dei Beni Culturali e specializzata in Francia in Mediazione Culturale e Gestione dello Spettacolo, dopo un anno presso l’agenzia internazionale IMG, ha iniziato a lavorare alla direzione della programmazione e artistica dell’Opéra di Parigi nel 1998 per poi essere nominata direttrice di produzione e programmazione al Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia di Valencia nel 2005. Dal 2011 è tornata in Italia per motivi familiari riconvertendosi nel settore turistico e ha da poco ultimato il master in Hospitality 360 presso la Cornell University, dopo il corso in Tourism Management presso la stessa università. Gestisce il boutique hotel di famiglia a Levanto, si occupa di promozione e sviluppo per altre strutture ricettive e destinazioni, è social media manager per The Data Appeal Company e per Vertical Media è incaricata delle strategie di marketing e comunicazione di Destination Florence. Nel tempo libero viaggia ed è web writer nel settore travel e scrive un proprio blog di viaggi indipendenti in solitaria.

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